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Stem Cell Therapy
(Cell Regeneration)
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With All My Heart:
"The Singing Nurse"
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Stem Cell Therapy (Cell Regeneration)
Call Becky Lee Now for your FREE Consultation
WELL QUEST - Becky Lee Osterback BSN, RN (509) 344-3278
Contact: BeckyLee21954@gmail.com
Specializing in "Healing Touch" and
OTHER quality of life therapies:
- Pain Management & Diminishment Therapies
- Weight Loss Therapies
- Appearance Enhancement Therapies
- Other Holistic Therapies

Results may vary depending on individual.
We do not claim to cure any diseases or illnesses.

Becky Lee offers therapeutic treatments to help you feel better. She has more than 20 years experience as a critical care nurse; caring for people at the beginning and ending stages of their lives, plus all the health events in between. Becky Lee can provide a total network of health options for your healing journey.

- Bemer
Healing Touch & Raindrop Therapy
- Hydro Massage & Massage Therapy
- Lipo Laser
- Micro Vas
- Whole Body Vibration

Spokane, Washington 99201
Phone: (509) 344-3278 Fax: (509) 277-7777
Email: BeckyLee21954@gmail.com

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With All My Heart:
"The Singing Nurse"
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